Scandinavian Sync has been around for almost 10 years now, serving videoproduktions with great music. 

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Legal Details

Scandinavian Sync is a registered company under the name of JTK Scandinavia Royalty AB (VAT: SE556970576601).

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+46 (0)703 653 218

How We Work

We represent a multitude of labels, artists, songwriters, music catalogues, and services to everyone who needs music for their productions. We serve everyone/thing from blockbuster movies, TV-series, corporate videos, commercials, video games, radio jingles and fashion blogs, to individuals running their own YouTube channel.

Aiming from Sweden, we live and breath music from all over Scandinavia every day. And as this corner of the world being one of the most interesting areas in the music world right now, we’re on a constant search for collaborations where our music can help. Our main objective is to work with our favourite music. We call it a one-stop shop since we are ready to handle all rights.

Music from our catalog has been successfully and respectfully placed in all types of productions, from the smallest up-and-coming Youtube-phenomenon, to the largest corporations in the world. Featured in as varied media channels as HBO, MTV, Showtime, Viacom, Twentieth Century Fox, France5, SVT, DR, NRK and many others.

Areas of Business

► Music Supervision
Scandinavian Sync supervise musical content in film, TV-series and commercials. We help you find the most suitable music for your project. We represent Scandinavia’s most influential indie labels and we work with music from all over the world. We partner with most independent labels and publishers, as well as Warner, Universal and Sony – depending on the project at hand. 

► Licensing
We are here to guide you through the sometimes complicated copyright process when licensing music for film, TV or commercials. This means we negotiate the best deal for you –  and take care of all the paperwork. We have direct contact to many of the most influential labels, artists and managements around the world.

► Clearing music for video producers
We are here to help you in the complicated world of music rights – for all kind of video productions. We work closely with the publishing companies, master owners, directors, editors and film producers. Avoid lawyers, let us be your guide in the complex world of contracts, credits and copyrights. 

► Production Music
Scandinavian Sync curates a funnelled selection of affordable pre-cleared production music. We keep the highest quality and continuously update our catalogue to fit our customers needs. 

► Score Music
Depending on your specific needs we create unique musical identities for TV-series, Commercials or Motion Pictures. It's pretty easy, you call our head of production and let us know exactly what you need. Starting at $1500 we deliver within 48 hours.


We are music people

We are music people. We love new music and know that it can play a major part in a successful media/film/tv production. We are also Scandinavians so we will always have the music from our countries close to our hearts.


Tom Malmros has played the bass since he was five. As a member of award winning bands he knows all the tricks in the book. Lately he’s been enjoying working as a manager for other talented artists as well. Tom has been engaged with Scandinavian Sync since 2010.

Kalle Magnusson has been in the music industry since he was a teenager, combining music biz with his role as a designer. Co-founded a label, a publishing company and also worked with communication and media/web production for some of the largest music festivals.

John Gadnert studied marketing and went to law school – and then started working for some of the biggest publishing companies in the world. The last decade John has been dedicated to the independent side of the industry as he also runs one of the most exciting indie labels in Sweden.

Find us

We have offices in two central hubs of Scandinavia: Stockholm, and the Malmö/Copenhagen Area. 

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Looking for music in your video productions – or if you are a composer, artist, band, producer or label and want your music to be represented by us, let us know! We are always looking for new talent.