A selection of placements we’ve been involved in over the years. 

KIA Motors – TV Advert – The Land Below

Volvo Cars – Advert – Vila Beats

Advert: Coldwater (custom music)

Yorkshire Bank – TV Advert – Alice Boman

E.ON – TV Advert – Iberia

Advert: POC - Clarity - Custom written

Movie: The Model [Zentropa] (3 songs by The Land Below, Postiljonen and Boeoes Kaelstigen feat. Name the Pet)

Nordstrom – TV Advert – Postiljonen – Supreme

TV advert: Abba Foods - Custom written

Advert: Telia - TV Advert (custom music)

Advert: Media Markt (Custom written music)

TV Advert: Thomas Cook – Korallreven – The Truest Faith

Advert: Swedish Armed Forces - Custom written

Advert: Crocs (Agatz – ‘Happy’)

Movie: Spies & Glistrup - Maeds Dominos